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Anne Rice was an American creator of gothic fiction, erotic writing, and Christian writing. Her best-known work was the Vampire Chronicles series of novels.


While rankings might change in light of individual inclinations, here are some of Anne Rice's most appreciated and darling books:

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This clever acquainted perusers with the famous vampire Lestat and the agonizing vampire Louis, investigating their undying lives and diving into subjects of everlasting status, ethical quality, and the quest for significance

Interview with the Vampire

The Mayfair family, a New Orleans witch family, is the focus of this novel, which delves into their history and powers.

The Witching Hour

It creates a compelling and evocative narrative by combining elements of witchcraft, mystery, and the supernatural.

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Open Hands

This book moves the concentration to the charming and perplexing vampire Lestat, diving into his starting points, battles, and his excursion to turn into a rockstar.

The Vampire      Lestat

It provides a deeper investigation of Lestat's complex character and broadens the vampire mythology.

Open Hands

This portion unites numerous vampire characters and investigates the beginnings and history of vampires.

The Queen of the Damned

It explores the conflicts and power struggles within the vampire community through an intricate narrative.


These are only a couple of instances of Anne Rice's acclaimed works, however she has composed various different books and series that have gathered dedicated fan bases

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