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Stephen Edwin King was born the second son of Donald and Nellie Ruth Pillsbury King. Stephen Edwin King is an American novelist of horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, crime, science-fiction etc.


Billy Summers involves his capacities as a sharpshooter to dispose of terrible individuals. His last occupation as an available professional killer inflatables into various killings.

Billy Summers

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Billy can't resist the urge to take on one last occupation as a professional killer for employ when he learns he will be paid 2,000,000 bucks to kill Allen, a man he was informed shot a 15-year-old kid heading back home from school.

You never know where the trapdoors are in your life, do you? --- Stephen King

Billy is awkward with this occupation since Nick Majarian, a man who has recruited him beforehand, is acting in an unusual way. Not in the least Nick not appear to have all of the data about the shooting, however he likewise thinks of a break plan for Billy, a piece of the shooting Billy is for the most part passed on to deal with all alone.

On the day that Billy kills Allen, he evades utilizing his own arrangement to a protected house close by. He accepts he is legitimate in his apprehension Nick was wanting to have him killed when Nick will not pay Billy despite the fact that he finished the work.

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He realizes there is a 6,000,000 dollar abundance on his head. He understands an exceptionally influential man probably required Allen's death assuming he has that much cash to pay for Billy's demise.

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Billy hunted for Nick and found him atlast. Billy orders Nick to let him know who requested the hit. Scratch says it was Roger Klerke, the one who possesses WWE, one of the four greatest media combinations on the planet.

Klerke requested Allen to kill his most established child since he didn't maintain that he should acquire his business. Klerke dreaded Allen would utilize that mystery against him to request a decreased sentence.


Billy saves a girl from being harassed and convince her to be bait for Klerke who has a weird fantasy with 10 year old girl. After death of Klerke , Billy is also wounded by Marge.


The novel closes as Bucky peruses the completion of Billy's story from the PC. He asks Alice what truly occurred. Alice lets him know the injury was more serious than she had depicted it in the book.


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