City of Bones - Cassandra Clare

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Judith Lewis, better realized by her nom de plume Cassandra Clare, is an American creator of adult grown-up fiction, most popular for her top of the line series The Mortal Instruments.


Cassandra Clare's City of Bones starts a legendary journey. Clary Fray is a typical high school young lady. One evening be that as it may, while she is spending time with her closest companion Simon, her reality gets savagely flipped around..


She looks as the young lady and the blue-haired kid go into the wardrobe together and see them followed by two other young men, one of whom has a blade. Clary goes to the storage room and witnesses the three kill the blue-haired kid.

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He vanishes. She understands that no other person can see the three teenagers in the storeroom thus she professes to have envisioned it. Afterward, she follows one of the young men outside and faces him. She discovers that he is a shadowhunter, a slayer of devils.

She finds that her mom was a shadowhunter, and that there is an enchanted spell projected over her to cause her to fail to remember the things of fey and shadow as she sees them.

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She likewise discovers that her mom had a place with a gathering of shadowhunter called the Circle, drove by a man named Valentine. Presently, Valentine has returned, and is searching for the Human Cup, which can transform any human who can endure the change into a shadowhunter.

Clary and the youthful shadowhunters, Jace, Alec, and Isabelle set out on a mission to find the Mortal Cup before Valentine can. Her everyday companion Simon follows along, and even assists with overcoming a more noteworthy demon. Simon has been enamored with Clary throughout the previous decade, however Clary has never seen it.

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In her mission to save her mom, Clary discovers that Valentine is actually her dad, Jace is actually her sibling, Johnathan Christopher, and that her mother's closest companion Luke is a werewolf.

Clary and Luke lead the wolf pack on a strike of the old crazy person haven where Valentine is stowing away. Luke and Valentine do fight, however Valentine gets away through an entry to the mysterious place that is known for Idris, where he has stowed away the Mortal Cup.


ENDING -  Toward the finish of the novel, this story is nowhere near finished. Valentine is still out there and the youthful shadowhunters should now pass on the case to the Clave.


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