Crown of Midnight -  Sarah J. Maas

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Sarah J. Maas is the New York Times bestseller and her book is translated  in 32 languages. Her few famous books are Crescent City, A Court of Thorns and Roses, series.


Celaena Sardothien is the lord's Champion-yet she is a long way from faithful to the crown, for the man she serves is bowed on evil. In any case, neutralizing her lord stealthily is no simple undertaking.


She knows the vast majority of the ruler's adversaries are "the heroes," so she is faking their demises and assisting them with slipping away Adarlan.

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In the interim, Celaena's relationship with Chaol Westfall keeps on blooming; their companionship and fascination is developing. Chaol feels like his dedication to the lord and to Dorian Havilliard may be risked in the event that this relationship goes further.

Then, at that point, Chaol is kidnapped, and his capturers send a payoff note to Celaena. At the point when Celaena shows up to save Chaol, she finds Archer is behind the catch.

Celaena meets a witch who is working at a fair that has come to the palace grounds. Celaena goes to the lady to get help translating a puzzle attached to the wizardry Wyrdmarks she has been examining

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Celaena at long last sorts out the full conundrum, and it prompts where one of the three Wyrdkeys was covered up. In any case, it's gone, and Mort, the enchanted doorknocker, affirms her fear...the ruler found it some time in the past.

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Open Hands

Celaena suspects the ruler has the subsequent key and realizes she needs to find the third one preceding he does. She thinks Nehemia was exploring this before her demise and could know the area of the last key.

Chaol says he needs to send Celaena to the adversary nation of Wendlyn to dispatch the illustrious family and find out about their tactical plans. In return for his dad's assistance and vote with regards to this issue when it's brought before the ruler.


ENDING -  On the harbors before her boat sails to Wendlyn, Celaena informs Chaol the full truth regarding everything Celaena is the lost princess of Terrasen, Aelin Galathynius.


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