Delia Owens is an American author, zoologist, and conservationist. Delia Owens is the co-author of three non-fictions books on African wildlife

Dashed Trail

Delia grew up in rural Georgia within side the 1950s, and as a younger woman became endorsed via way of means of her mom to discover nature and the wildlife in which she became being raised.

Dashed Trail

Where the Crawdads Sing- Where the Crawdads Sing is Delia Owen`s first novel, her first strive to interrupt loose from non-fiction writing. it crowned the New York Times Fiction Bestsellers of 2019 and 2020


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Kya is a younger girl, residing in a Marsh in coastal North Carolina withinside the 1950`s. Her mom abandons her at a younger age, and shortly the relaxation of her siblings observe suit.

Rejected and ridiculed through the townsfolk, pejoratively called “The Marsh Girl”. Until one day,  younger guys input her life. An antique buddy of her brother`s, Tate, and the town`s golden boy.

Dashed Trail

Chase is known to be dead one day. Fingers are quickly pointing within side the path of Kya, suspicions bobbing up out of his bizarre courting with the town`s outcast.  After this many twist and turns cause a finishing which may be taken into consideration to be happy.

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In the 1970`s, Delia and Mark Owens had been a younger couple of zoology college students looking for a subject for his or her Ph.D. They desired to look at wild animals and they  determined to move  to Africa to behavior their research.


They landed in South Africa and started out their quest to discover a spot. In Botswana, they stuck wind of an area wherein even the neighborhood Bushmen dared now no longer go – the Kalahari Desert. There they installation camp and stayed for the subsequent seven years.

The Eye of the Elephant is the sequel to Cry of the Kalahari. The Owens have been kicked out of Botswana for motives that have been doubtful to them.  In their second African home, their lives revolved across the destiny of elephants. In the North Luangwa Valley, elephants have been being killed at a dizzying rate

The Eye of the Elephant

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This book focuses much less at the zoological components of the elephant herds than its predecessor, and as a substitute turns its interest toward the struggle the Owens confronted so that it will get the neighborhood women and men to recognize the  importance of maintaining their specific ecosystem.


The awareness is all over again the conflict to combat the perils elephants should face: corrupt authorities officials, grasping and keen to deliver again the beneficial illicit ivory trade, and the infamous poachers.

Dashed Trail

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