Diana Gabaldon Best Books

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American author Diana J. Gabaldon is best known for her Outlander series of books. Her books combine elements of science fiction and fantasy with historical fiction, romance, mystery, and adventure.


Gabaldon's writing is rich and engrossing, and the book is full of romance, adventure, and historical details. It has won over countless readers thanks to its captivating read.

1. Outlander

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Outlander, the first book in the series, introduces Claire Randall, a 1945 nurse who travels to 18th-century Scotland.

Claire and Jamie, who have fled Scotland and are now living in France, become involved in the Jacobite rebellion in the series' second book.

2. Dragonfly in Amber

As Claire tries to stop the bad things she knows will happen, the book alternates between the 18th and 20th centuries.

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Open Hands

After many years apart, Claire and Jamie reunite in Voyager and travel to the Caribbean to find a lost family member. The book takes readers on an exciting journey across continents that includes encounters with Native Americans, slaves, and pirates.

3. Voyager

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With new challenges and surprises in store, An Echo in the Bone continues the story of Claire and Jamie and their family.

4. An Echo in the Bone

The book is full of action and political intrigue, and Gabaldon's writing is still as rich and compelling as ever.


In the book, Claire and Jamie are on the verge of the American Revolution and must navigate a political climate that is becoming increasingly dangerous.


5. A Breath of Snow and Ashes

Gabaldon does an excellent job of striking a balance between the personal and the historical in the book, which also examines the difficulties of raising a family during a turbulent period.

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