Dumbledore: Man Behind Harry Potter's Win against Dark Lord

Albus Dumbledore, the famous wizard of Harry Potter legend, we will dig into his enthralling story of intelligence and wisdom.

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He was a half-blood, Muggle-supporting wizard, the child of Percival and Kendra Dumbledore, and the elder of Aberforth and Ariana.

Early Life

The early life of Dumbledore's life was set apart by misfortune when his more youthful sister, Ariana Dumbledore, was attacked by a gathering of Muggle.


Dumbledore's ascent to prominence inside the wizarding community, as he becomes possibly the most powerful and regarded figure in the magic world.

Dumbledore was instrumental as the organizer and head of the Order for the Phoenix, a mysterious association devoted to battling against the dark army of Voldemort

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Order of Phoenix


Dumbledore played a significant role as a mentor for Harry Potter, as he gives important insight and helps shape the youthful wizard's destiny.

Open Hands

Dumbledore's definitive sacrifice in the battle against Voldemort, and the redemption he looks for as he continued looking for a better future for the wizarding world.

Voldemort Rise

As Dumbledore has fought Voldemort in 1st wizarding war, he has knowledge of what is upcoming and thus he played a crucial role in defense as well as strategy. 

Dumbledore has Elder Wand which is the most powerful wand in complete wizarding world which can be seen when Voldemort acquired it after his death.

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For such amazing portrayal and character building the artist and author must be hailed.


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