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Stephenie Meyer is an writer and film producer from the United States. Her most famous work is the vampire romance series Twilight, which is bestseller.


The third book in the "Twilight" series by Stephenie Meyer is titled "Eclipse." Edward Cullen, a vampire, and Bella Swan, a human teenager, are chronicled in the book.


In this book, the starting plot starts with the decision that Bella must choose between her devotion to her werewolf friend Jacob Black and her love for Edward.

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A group of nomadic vampires known as the "Cullen Clan" returns to town as the two young men compete for Bella's affections after a series of enigmatic murders in the area.

The Cullens learn that the murders are being committed by newly created vampires, newborns. The Cullens wait in the hope that the Volturi, the vampire ruler, will step in, but it soon becomes clear that they won't before a lot of humans are killed.

It was also realized afterwards that they were created by Victoria, a vampire who wanted to exact revenge on the Cullen Clan for James's death.

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When Cullens struggle to locate additional vampire groups willing to assist them, Jacob decides to offer his group of werewolves' assistance for Bella's love.

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Bella feels guilty when she realizes how much harm Jacob's love for her has done to him.

Bella ultimately makes the decision to remain with Edward, and the two of them work together to defeat Victoria and her infantry.


ENDING -  Bella chooses Edward over Jacob, causing Jacob deep emotional demage. At the same time, Bella finally agrees to marry Edward before changing into a vampire.


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