Eruption  Michael Crichton

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Michael Crichton and James Patterson collaborate on Eruption, a gripping thriller that brings together two literary giants

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This novel is about a monstrous volcanic emission which poses a great threat to Hawaii.

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Yet, unexpected : It's possible that a covert military experiment will make things even worse.

Eruption Michael Crichton, James Patterson

All of it started when, geologist John MacGregor's suspicions of an impending major volcanic eruption.

The story starts off when John and his associate Rachel Sherrill are studying Mauna Loa and they found unusual seismic activity that suggests a large eruption.

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When they discover more evidence indicating that the United States military is aware of more than they are letting on, their suspicions grow.


The course of events starts around April 2025, with pressure working as the group attempts to beat the clock to set up the island's occupants for the approaching calamity.

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The volcanic eruption isn't simply a natural peculiarity — there's a huge twist including a decades-old military mystery that adds layers of risk.


The chaos grows as John and Rachel battle against both normal and human-made problems.

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An unforgettable thriller has been created by two of the greatest storytellers of all time.