From Blood and Ash - Jennifer L. Armentrout

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From Blood and Ash is a heartfelt dream by American author Jennifer L. Armentrout.  From Blood and Ash is the primary portion of what is a six-book series, named The Blood and Ash Series.


From Blood and Ash portrays the force of self-investigation and the significance of independence. Armentrout uncovered the expected entanglements of a general public overwhelmed by a solitary decision class who utilizations dread to control the general public.


Penellaphe is the hero and first-individual storyteller. The recuperating of Realm Solis relies upon Penellaphe, the Maiden, who is intended to start the primary Ascension since The Conflict of Two Rulers, lifting Master and Women in Pausing and herself to a higher societal position

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During the conflict, the kingdom Solis won over the Atlantia. Remaining nervousness and political hardship actually plague the realm, as Descenters trust Ruler Casteel of Atlantia, or the Dull One, is the legitimate beneficiary of the privileged position.

Penellaphe has "the touch," a power that permits her to feel the physical and close to home aggravation of others. With her increased feeling of compassion, she questions the morals and ethics of the Climbed, who rule over the various wards of kingdom Solis

Penellaphe lives under the Duke, a horrible Ascended who teaches Penellaphe "lessons" through misuse. The Duke calls Penellaphe and uncovers that Hawke will be her new private guard.

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Penellaphe asks why Hawke acts so acquainted with her and fears that such conduct will consider her contemptible of Ascension. Hawke answers that her title makes no difference to him; all he thinks often about is the sort of person she is within.

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Hawke is actually the real One, Prince Casteel Da'Neer of the Atlantians. He has caught Penellaphe to involve her as ransom for his brother, Malik, who is subjugated by the Ascended

Penellaphe is shocked with the disclosures and Casteel's treachery, and she cuts him with her bloodstone knife and attempts to  run off. Ruler Casteel gets her, expressing that Atlantians don't bite the dust from cut to the heart.


ENDING -  He nibbles Penellaphe, tasting her blood, and understands that she is half Atlantian.. Prince Casteel illuminates Penellaphe and the Descenters that he intends to return Penellaphe to Atlantia and wed her.


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