Hagrid's Untold Story: The Heart and Soul of Hogwarts?

Rubeus Hagrid, a giant which is loved by everyone. The story is however, not so good and he has quite a troublesome past.

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Brought into the world to a giantess mother and a wizard father Fridwulfa and the wizard Hagrid Sr. respectively.

Hagrid's initial life was set apart by misfortune and resilience. Hagrid's mother left the family when he was 3 and was raised by Father only.

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He faced trolling and prejudice when he was child regarding his giant size and widely teased.

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When he was 11, he received a letter from Hogwarts and sorted in the Gryffindor House where he demonstrated bravery and teamwork. 

During his third year, Hagrid was falsely accused of opening the Chambers of Secrets by none other than Tom Riddle.

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Later he was expelled from the School and his wand was confiscated. Then too Hagrid remained loyal to Hogwarts and continues to serve.  

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But Albus Dumbledore recognized Hagrid's innocence and allowed him to be the keeper of the grounds and keys.

Later he becomes the best friend with Harry and provided him with assistance as he needed and proved his loyalty, bravery and compassion once again for Hogwarts.

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