Hell of a Book - Jason Mott

Jason Mott is an American novelist and poet. His fourth novel, Hell of a Book, won the 2021 National Book Award for Fiction


A astonishing work of fiction from New York Times best seller creator Jason Mott. 


The story is so connecting that goes to the core of prejudice, police brutality, and the secret expenses demanded upon Dark Americans, and America in general.

Man Reading

A man ends up running down the lobby of a Midwestern inn, stripped, a stranger close behind him. 

So starts our anonymous storyteller's book visit, which will take him around the country to advance his first novel, Hell of a Book.

As the creator goes up against the legislative issues of politics, he should pay all due respects to altogether different viewpoints:

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There are those, from viewpoint, who have confidence in the effect of his book but can't help thinking about why he has decided not to address "the Dark condition".

Open Hands

Twisted with the creator's story are sections following the existence of a kid alluded to as Residue, which he's called by the children in his rustic Southern town because of his extremely dark complexion.

Open Hands

At the point when his dad is killed external their family home, Sediment tracks down security in stories.

As the book unfolds and turns, a moving reflection on being Dark in America is observed.


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