Lasher - Mayfair Witches Series

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Anne Rice was an American creator of gothic fiction, sensual writing, and Christian writing .


Lasher is the sequel to "The Witching Hour," the first book in Anne Rice's "The Lives of the Mayfair Witches" series.


The story of Lasher, an ancient and powerful being who has haunted the Mayfair family for generations, gets more in-depth in "Lasher."

Rowan Mayfair is the novel's main character. He is a member of the Mayfair family and inherits their supernatural legacy.

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Rowan becomes more and more entangled in Lasher's sinister influence as she investigates her powers and learns the secrets of her family's past.

The story follows Rowan on her journey to learn more about Lasher and his connection to her family. In addition to her, the reader is introduced to a compelling cast of characters, including Michael Curry, who becomes involved in the supernatural turmoil and is deeply connected to Rowan.

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As the story progresses, Rowan's encounters with Lasher get more intense, resulting in a gripping struggle for wills and survival. The themes of family, destiny, temptation, and going to any lengths to protect those you care about are discussed in the book.

The characters and their world are brought to life by Anne Rice's vivid descriptions and evocative prose, engulfing readers in a dark and atmospheric tale.


"Lasher" consolidates components of powerful repulsiveness, secret, and family show, winding around together the strings of the Mayfair family's mind boggling history and their association with the mysterious Lasher.

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It's important to note that "Lasher" is best read after "The Witching Hour" because it builds on the events and mythology in that book.


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