Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov


Lolita is the acclaimed 1955 novel composed by Vladimir Nabokov, a Russian-American writer. Lolita is outstanding for its disputable topic.

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John Ray, Jr., Ph.D. writes in a foreword that Humbert, writer of the accompanying composition, named "Lolita, or the Confession of a White Widowed Male," passed on in prison not long before his preliminary was to begin in 1952.

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Humbert describes from this point forward.He describe his European childhood and background as a scholar and relates his tragic childhood love for Annabel Leigh, whose death  has sudden negative effect on Humbert.

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Humbert is currently fanatically drawn to "nymphets," little and young girls who have a puzzling enticing power.

In the wake of carrying around a few mental organizations and doing odd composing position, Humbert lands in the New England town of Ramsdale. He takes a room at the place of single man Charlotte Haze since her wonderful youthful girl, Lolita, helps him to remember Annabel.

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Lolita's mother discovers his diary, filled with entries about his love for Lolita and hatred for her, and tells him she is leaving.

Humbert longs for and flirt with Lolita, however is reluctant to do anything in case the  Haze, who needs Humbert, find her tenant's pedophilia.

Lolita heads out to day camp, and Humbert hesitantly weds Haze, since keeping Lolita in his life is his main opportunity. Humbert plays with killing Haze, yet can't do it.

He at last lets the cat out of the bag about her mom's demise when she was hit by a car, and at an inn called The Enchanted Hunter, they engage in sexual relations interestingly

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Humbert and Lolita drive across the U.S. for one year. Humbert takes steps to place Lolita in a halfway house in the event that she doesn't follow his sexual requests.  At the point when Lolita becomes ill and is set in a specialist's office, she is removed by the one who looks like Trapp.

Humbert plans to kill Lolita's better half, yet when he visits them, figures out that her kidnaper was really Clare Quilty, a dramatist with whom Lolita was enamored.  At the point when she wouldn't take part in his youngster porn films, he dismissed her. Lolita declines Humbert's encouragement to live with him, and he leaves heartbroken.

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Ending -


Humbert finds out where Quilty lives and, after talking with Quilty and shooting him numerous times, kills him. Humbert is arrested and put in jail, where he finishes his memoir