Malibu Rising - Taylor Jenkins Reid

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Carrie Soto Is Back, Malibu Rising, Daisy Jones and the Six, and The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo are all by Taylor Jenkins Reid, who is also the author of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.


The story unfurls throughout the span of 24 hours, starting on August 27, 1983, as the Riva family plans for their yearly finish of-summer party.


Nina, Jay, Hud, and Kit Riva are the four Riva children who have taken over their famous father's Malibu mansion and legendary status as a singer. Each sibling has their own dreams and burdens, which makes them interesting and complex characters.

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Since their mother left them years ago, Nina, the oldest sibling, has taken care of her younger brothers. She is now a well-known surfer.

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Many people adore Jay, a professional surfer who is charismatic and talented. He is also considered a legend. However, he struggles with addiction, which poses a threat to both his personal life and career.

Hud, the main sibling without a distinguishing strength, is a talented picture taker enthusiastically for catching the crude substance of life. He feels eclipsed by his kin's prosperity and battles with insecurities.

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The Riva siblings' bond provides solace and strength in the midst of personal turmoil and chaos. They come to comprehend that their family's heritage isn't characterized exclusively by their dad's distinction however by their capacity to help and adore each other.

At the party, the siblings and their guests are forced to confront their vulnerabilities and fight for survival when a massive wildfire engulfs Malibu.


The Rivas learn the value of cherishing the moments that really matter in the face of this crisis and the power of resilience.

The story of "Malibu Rising" is one of perseverance, reconciliation, and the enduring power of family. The themes of fame, identity, love, and the effects of our choices are explored in Taylor Jenkins Reid's masterful interweaving of multiple narratives.


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