Maybe Someday Colleen Hoover

Sydney starts the novel by punching her flat mate, Tori, when she figures out that she and Sydney's sweetheart, Hunter, have been dozing together for a really long time despite her good faith.

At the point when it starts to rain, a young lady named Bridgette welcomes Sydney into her loft at Ridge's solicitation. Edge is the strange kid Sydney frequently sees playing guitar on his gallery. She has pondered her fascination with him various times and frequently chimes in to his melodies, making her own verses.

The viewpoint changes to Ridge's, likewise hopping back a couple of days to before Sydney finds Hunter's cheating, while he is investing energy with his better half, Maggie..

They kiss in his bed while Ridge thinks about the girl he sees all the time from his balcony, Sydney. Later, Ridge and Sydney hold up notes from their balconies and he asks her to write some lyrics for him.

Back in the present, Sydney is living briefly in Ridge's condo with his two flat mates, Warren and Bridgette. Sydney and Ridge start to foster affections for one another through their songwriting.

Ridge uncovers to Sydney that he is hard of hearing, thus he lays his head on her chest or different pieces of her body to hear the vibrations she makes when she sings. While they are cooperating, Sydney gets instant messages from her ex hoping to accommodate. She declines.

Sydney is disturbed when she discovers that Ridge is dating Maggie, however she is focused on never divided them in their relationship. Edge kisses Maggie one evening while they are composing and Sydney is at first invigorated until she understands that she and Ridge are undermining Maggie

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Maggie starts to see how Ridge and Sydney act around one another, yet she confides in her beau more than any other person, so she doesn't share her doubts.

Maggie finds from perusing the instant messages on Ridge's telephone that he and Sydney kissed and have heartfelt affections for one another. She is upset and leaves the condo while Ridge beseeches her to excuse him.

Sydney moves into another loft. Ridge goes to Maggie to implore her to reexamine reuniting, however she lets him know that they need to follow their own different ways. Ridge understands that he ought to accompany Sydney.

Ending of     Maybe Someday

He intends to play the tune they composed together at his band's show and trust that she understands how he feels. Sydney hears the melody and realizes that she additionally needs to accompany Ridge. They return to her condo and announce their affection for one another.