Must Read Books 2022

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2022 Must Read Books List:-

-> It starts with us -> Sea of Tranquility -> Lambda -> Strangers to Ourselves: Unsettled Minds and the Stories That Make Us

Colleen Hoover wrote the romance novel It Starts with Us. It is the follow-up to her bestseller It Ends with Us, which came out in 2016.


It Starts with Us

Lily and her ex-husband, Ryle, have just begun to co-parent civilly when Lily meets her first love, Atlas, once more. After almost two years isolated, she is cheerful that for once, things are definitely looking up for them, and she quickly says OK when Map book asks her out on the town.

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A continuation of sorts incredibly blockbuster novel Station Eleven and its subsequent The Glass Lodging, Emily St. John Mandel's Ocean of Quietness is a rambling story circled straightforwardly on its ancestors, cutting them up and revamping the pieces into a trippy, thoughtful story.

Sea of Tranquility

Even though Sea of Tranquility is largely set in the future and has a lot of sci-fi flourishes, it still raises old questions about how we can find meaning in life.



An inexperienced police officer is assigned to watch over a group of refugees and tries to determine whether the refugees have been framed for terrorism and where the real killers are.

Lambda is working on something weirder and more complicated. Instead of following a straight line, the story takes place in an alternate Britain where you can get in trouble with the law for breaking a talking toothbrush.

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Open Hands

She stopped eating when she was six years old. She was hospitalized shortly thereafter with anorexia. Her doctors didn't understand. Despite the fact that she was there, they had never seen a child so young develop an eating disorder.

Strangers to Ourselves: Unsettled Minds and the Stories That Make Us

Open Hands

Aviv wonders if the episode was overly quickly pathologized or if she ever really did have anorexia.


Aviv challenges any one grand theory of the mind by looking at her own experience as well as the experiences of four other people who have unusual mental health issues. Strangers to Ourselves examines this lack of comprehension.

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