New Moon -Stephenie Meyer

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The Chemist, The Host, and the bestselling Twilight series are written by Stephenie Meyer.


It continues Bella Swan's relationship with vampire Edward Cullen from where the first book, Twilight, left off.


Edward makes the agonizing decision, supported by his family, to pack everything up and leave Forks for Bella's safety.

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As a result of her grief and the loss of her life partner, Bella develops depression and isolates herself.

Jacob Black, a shape-shifter who is a member of the Quileute tribe, provides her with solace in her growing friendship.

Bella learns that there are other supernatural beings in the world, including werewolves, who are sworn enemies of vampires, as their relationship with Jacob grows stronger.

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Jacob, on the other hand, begins to change in a very strange way right at the height of this relationship. He becomes a werewolf. Unfortunately, vampires and werewolves are enemies by nature.

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Jacob and the rest of the Quileute pack must shield Bella from outside threats when Edward's departure and her own vulnerability to danger put her in danger.

She has a vengeful, deadly vampire woman who wants to kill her, a vampire family in Italy that wants to eat her, and a strong, obstinate desire to become a vampire.


The portrayal of grief and recovery in New Moon is well-known, as is its investigation of the concepts of loyalty, friendship, and the complexities of relationships.


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