Outlander Books Ranked

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American author Diana J. Gabaldon is best known for her Outlander series of books. Her books combine elements of science fiction and fantasy with historical fiction, romance, mystery, and adventure.


Diana Gabaldon has written a series of historical fiction novels called "Outlander." This is the book that began everything and it's a must-peruse for anyone with any interest in the series.


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It acquaints us with Claire Randall, a The Second Great War nurture who is moved back so as to eighteenth century Scotland, where she meets and goes gaga for Jamie Fraser.

The story of Claire and Jamie is continued in this book, which takes them to France to try to put an end to the Jacobite rebellion and change history. 

Dragonfly in Amber

Additionally, this book introduces some memorable new characters. Jamie Fraser of Clan Fraser of the Highlands of Scotland is the father of Claire Randall Fraser's twenty-year-old daughter.

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Open Hands

Claire travels back to the 18th century with Jamie to embark on a new adventure that takes them to the Caribbean in this book. Action, romance, and some unexpected turns abound in this book.


Open Hands

In this book, Jamie and Claire travel to the American colonies to start a new life together and become involved in the ensuing conflicts. Additionally, some intriguing new characters are introduced in this book.

Drums of Autumn

This book, which is written at a slower pace but still enjoyable, follows Claire and Jamie as they attempt to adjust to life in the American wilderness and face the difficulties of their new life.


The Fiery Cross

The story is set in North Carolina during the War of the Regulation and follows Jamie Fraser as he tries to keep his land, protect his family, and build a community on Fraser's Ridge.


The "Outlander" series as a whole is a wonderful combination of romance, adventure, history, and fantasy that will keep you occupied for hours.

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