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American author Diana J. Gabaldon is best known for her Outlander series of books. Her books combine elements of science fiction and fantasy with historical fiction, romance, mystery, and adventure.


In this series, a vampire and a historian find a mysterious manuscript and have to navigate their forbidden love through time.

The All Souls Trilogy

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The All Souls Trilogy tells the story of historian and reluctant witch Diana Bishop as she unravels the mystery of Ashmole 782, falls in love with a cryptic vampire named Matthew Clairmont, and discovers how powerful it can be to accept who you are.

This series follows a group of elite warriors as they fight for their king and the women they love in medieval Scotland.

The Highland Guard Series

The Highland Guard, an elite group of brave men chosen by Robert the Bruce to assist him in his efforts to free Scotland from English rule, appears in all of this series' novels.

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Open Hands

This book is about a man who has a genetic disorder that makes him be able to travel back in time, and how his wife struggles to build a life with him.

The Time Traveler's Wife

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The lives of the women who were involved in the Tudor court, including King Henry VIII's wives and mistresses, are the subject of this historical fiction series.

The Tudor Court Series

This exquisite historical novel about Katherine of Aragon's early life is written by Philippa Gregory, a bestselling author worldwide.


Claire and Jamie set sail for France at the book's conclusion, hoping to find safety and a new life together. However, their travels are far from over, and their prospects are dim.


The Fever Series

The life of MacKayla Lane is good. She has wonderful friends, a respectable job, and a car that only breaks down about once every two weeks. Until something extraordinary happens, at least that's what she thinks.

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