Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief - Rick Riordan

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Richard Russell Riordan Junior is an American writer, most popular for composing the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. Riordan's books have been converted into 42 dialects and sold in excess of thirty million copy


The Lightning Thief, the main in the Percy Jackson series, by Rick Riordan, starts with Percy Jackson going on a school outing to the Metropolitan Exhibition hall of Craftsmanship. Not all things are what it appears, as Percy's  math teacher transforms into a Fierceness and assaults him.

The Lightning Thief

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As the year's end gravitates toward Grover demands accompanying Percy home from school. He accepts that Percy is in a peril of some sort, yet can't get out whatever.

His mother, Sally, is a merciful lady who yearns to be an writer. Percy's stepfather, who can't stand him

Percy and his mother go to an end of the week retreat at the ocean side, where they are met with a horrendous tempest. At night Grover shows up and uncovers himself to be a supernatural animal, a Satyr as a matter of fact. He lets Percy know that he's been looking after him until Percy was mature enough to go to Camp Half Blood, a magical day camp for preparing demigods.

The Minotaur takes out Grover and presses Percy's mother, making her vanish in a shower of brilliant sparkles. Percy is devastated, expecting that he's simply seen the passing of his mother.At the camp Percy is acquainted with his Latin teaher, who uncovers himself to be Chiron, a centaur and the mentor of incredible legends in fact.

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He discovers that over the most recent sixty years the "enormous three" (Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon) have would not have mortal youngsters, accepting that any of their posterity would be excessively strong. The other divine beings can in any case have youngsters however, who make up the understudy body at the camp.

Open Hands

Zeus accepts that Poseidon utilized Percy to take the bolt. He allows Poseidon ten days for the bolt to be returned. Poseidon would rather not risk battle with Zeus, and he realizes that he can't see as the bolt all alone. He goes to Percy for help to find out where the bolt genuinely is and who took it.

The gathering at last shows up in the Hidden world just to find that Hades wasn't the genuine guilty party. Rather it was the crushed Titan, Kronos, who can control the fantasies of the two men and gods.Poseidon lets Percy know that his mother experiences been returned as a harmony presenting from Hades.


Percy is then gotten back to his home where he tracks down the head of Medusa which he had sent to himself before. Percy needs to utilize it to turn his stepfather to stone so his mother can be free, however she stops him and lets Percy know that she must be the person who leaves him.


Luke harms Percy and lets him know that Kronos will rise and obliterate the other divine beings in general. Percy is saved thanks to Chiron's mediation. Chiron lets him know that Percy's process is nowhere near finished, and he should turn into a legend to battle the ascent of the Titans and guard the other gods beings


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