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American author Richard Russell Riordan Junior is well known for his work on the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series which is being sold more than 42 million times.


5. The Last Olympian The story of Percy Jackson and his friends is wrapped up in this final book in the series. It includes a huge scope fight between the diving beings and the powers of Kronos

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It investigates the nature of heroism, friendship, and leadership. The story is exciting and moving, with many memorable occurrences and character development.

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4. The Battle of the Labyrinth This book shows Percy and his friends as they set out on a mission to stop an ancient monster from getting out of the underground labyrinth and destroying the world.

The plot is intricate, with a number of subplots and twists, and it introduces a new antagonist, Kronos, who is manipulative and cunning.


3. The Titan’s Curse - In this book, it is up to Percy and his friends to save the kidnapped daughter of Artemis, from a group of evil minions.


In addition, new characters are introduced in the book, including the intriguing and complex Annabeth, Athena's daughter who becomes a pivotal character in the series.

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2.. The Sea of Monsters - The story of Percy Jackson and his friends continues in this book as they set out to save the magical tree that keeps their summer camp safe. The story is exciting and full of surprises, with the introduction of new mythological creatures and locations.

1. The Lightning Thief- The world of Percy Jackson is introduced in this first book, which is the first in the series. It lays out the fundamental characters and topics of the series, and makes way until the end of the books.


The plot is very much paced and drawing in, with a blend of humor, experience, and fanciful references. Additionally, it provides an introduction to the concept of demigods—children of Greek gods and mortals—and the difficulties they face in the contemporary world.

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