Percy Jackson Books Ranked

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American author Richard Russell Riordan Junior is best known for his work on the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.The works of Riordan have been translated into 42 different languages.


5. The Sea of Monsters Regarding the conflict with Kronos and the Titans and Luke's assembled army, little progress is made.Despite this, the ending of The Sea of Monsters, in which Thalia is resurrected by the Golden Fleece and the Great Prophecy is twisted, may be one of the best in the series.

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Tyson's introduction as Percy's cyclops half-brother, the team's fight with Polyphemus, and Annabeth listening to the sirens are all part of the scene.and included numerous allusions, such as Circe, the sorceress, and Polyphemus' rage at being stopped by Nobody,

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4. The Lightning Thief- There is a level of novelty and whimsy that cannot be replicated in the other books, from learning about Percy's godparent to learning that Mount Olympus now resides above the Empire State Building

In general, The Lightning Thief serves as a lighthearted introduction to the world of contemporary Greek mythology and life at Camp Half-Blood.


3. The Titan’s Curse - Additionally, The Titan's Curse serves as a link between the earlier, more mellow books in the series and the later ones, which have higher stakes.This is the first book in the series in which a significant character dies


Titan’s curse, book three of The Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan, begins with Percy’s mother driving him and fellow demigod campers Annabeth and Thalia towards the military school, Westover Hall.

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2.. The Last Olympian  - massive conflict between the demigods of Camp Half-Blood and the main Kronos forces.They use swords, shields, spears, and bows and arrows from ancient Greece. Because Mount Olympus is on top of the Empire State Building, it takes place in Manhattan

1. The Battle of the Labyrinth.- This book had a lot of shocking twists, like Luke becoming the host for Kronos's spirit and finding out that Quintus is actually Daedalus. It also had a lot of action.The Skirmish of the actual Maze was likewise a fantastic end


Since 1860, the most powerful location in the West has been America, as the gods follow "the Flame of the West."As a result, Mount Olympus and the Labyrinth have all been relocated to the United States.

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