Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard

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Victoria Aveyard is an American  author of youthful grown-up and fantasy fiction and screenplays. She is known for her dream novel Red Queen.


Red Queen" is a youthful grown-up fantasy novel by Victoria Aveyard which follows how seventeen-year-old Horse Pushcart's disclosure that she, a laborer conceived Red, has the exceptional abilities of the first class governing Silvers and steers her nation's future.


At the point when the original starts, Mare is a modest worker pickpocket of the Red-blooded class in the nation of Norta. The Reds do the greater part of the grimy work of the world, governed over by tip top Silver-blooded people with unique powers and capacity. Mare can't stand the Silvers.

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Mare, herself having been captured various times for unimportant wrongdoings, realizes her destiny will before long be the bleeding edges also. She chooses to meet with Will Whistle, an individual from the underground bootleg market to check whether he can offer assistance.

She winds up close to a bar, where a man of around nineteen or twenty named Cal — clearly rich by his dress and habits — addresses her.  Cal feels severely for Blemish and vows to give his best for help her. Before long, Mare is staggered to discover that she has been taken on to work in the Royal Family.

The Queenstrial starts off at the royal residence, where young ladies from the best Silver families, from the age of fourteen and up, contend in a show of their ability to win the hands of the sovereigns in marriage.

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As Mare falls, she radiates a monstrous safeguard of lightning which safeguards her. She is right away seized and brought before the Royals. The ruler and queen don't have the foggiest idea what to think about a Red with Silver powers.It is then declared that Mare will wed Maven , while Evangeline will wed Prince Cal.

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Mare is in dismay. She has despised the Silvers for such a long time that she can't envision living among them.Mare creates heartfelt affections for Cal and for Expert, however she attempts to continue to can't stand them.

Mare and Maven consent to turn out to be essential for an upset to hold onto the lord and power changes. Mare endeavors to involve Cal's affections for her to inspire him to betray his dad, however he won't do as such. He arranges troops after the Scarlet Guard all things being equal


ENDING -  Maven uncovers himself as a swindler, having utilized Mare to assist him with obliterating the Scarlet Guard and become ruler all alone. Mare and Cal are then condemned to death, yet figure out how to escape when they are supported by the Scarlet Guard. As the clever finishes, Mare commitments to kill Maven.


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