Sarah J. Maas - A Court of Thorns and Roses

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Sarah J. Maas is the #1 New York Times and internationally smash hit author of the Crescent City, A Court of Thorns and Roses, and the Throne of Glass series.


The story starts with 19-year-old Fayre hunting in the colder time of year for her loved ones. Food is scant and she winds up killing a wolf she accepts to be a faerie out of unadulterated scorn for their sort.


compelled to go to the faerie place that is known for Prythian and live with a High Fae named Tamlin as discipline. When there, she meets a subsequent faerie named Lucien who is unfriendly to her after the demise of his companion, Andras.

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At the point when Tamlin takes her to his review, Fayre starts figuring out how to peruse. She likewise requests that Lucien how get a Suriel, a sort of faerie that should come clean to any question given by somebody who entrap them

Fayre understands that Tamlin had glamoured a considerable lot of the faerie workers including Alis. The following day, she tracks down a head on a pike. Tamlin calls it a trick and urges her home. There, they get ready for the mid year solstice

A high fae named Rhysand comes to court and can see through Tamlin's imperceptibility charm. He asks her name and she lies, saying she is Clare Beddor.

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she discovers that Clare Beddor - the name she given Rhysand - has been grabbed and her whole family held in a house fire. Trusting this to be her issue, she chooses to leave for Prythian.

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Open Hands

Fayre chooses to attempt to free Tamlin, who is at the court Under the Mountain.. Alis cautions her against it, yet at long last consented to the arrangement. At the point when they arrive, Alis leaves and Fayre heads inside.

After this, Fayre has to go through many trials  such as fight giant worm, sipkes filled room which is sliding towards her etc. Amarantha uses her black magic and gets Fayre killed.


ENDING -  Notwithstanding Fayre's passing, the revile is broken. Through the eyes of Rhysand, Fayre looks as Tamlin murders Amarantha and the other High Fae assault her different workers.


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