Shadow and Bone - Leigh Bardugo

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Leigh Bardugo is an Israeli-American fantasy creator. She is most popular for her young grown-up Grishaverse books, which incorporate the Shadow and Bone set of three, the Six of Crows duology, and the King of Scars duology.


"Shadow and Bone" is a youthful grown-up novel by Leigh Bardugo, and is about the excursion of Alina Starkov as a Sun Summoner, and her experiences with the evil Darkling


At the point when the clever starts, Alina is an officer in a studying unit, having grown up as a vagrant with her dearest companion, Mal, who fills in as a tactical tracker.

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Alina is on a journey to West Ravka from Ravka, across the Shadow Crease or a mass of haziness drifting over the land. Tremendous monsters called volcra attack Alina and her fleet.

She is taken to the Darkling, the second most influential man in the realm, second just to the ruler, who understands that she is a Sun Summoner. He has her prepared, trusting she will be the one to get rid of the Shadow Overlap.

He then has Mal embarked on a mission to find a crowd of strong deer to recover stag horns. The Darkling plans on making a neckband from the stag's antlers to enhance Alina's power.

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Yet, not everything is as it appears. The Darkling really plans to utilize Alina's powers to control the Overlap and not annihilate it, and use it against all adversaries - both unfamiliar and homegrown.

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Open Hands

Alina and Mal then endeavor to track down the crowd all alone, so Alina can have sufficient ability to face the Darkling, yet without a second to spare, she can't kill the stag.

The Darkling does all things being equal, and can handle her powers.Just as he takes command of the dimness, Alina recovers command over her powers


ENDING -  she understands she can practice the force of kindness to save Mal from being tossed over the edge into the Crease. She and Mal then, at that point, get away from the Overlay, passing on the Darkling to a dubious destiny.


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