Slammed by Colleen Hoover  Summary

Slammed is a youthful grown-up novel composed by Colleen Hoover, and is about the battle of eighteen year-old Layken Cohen to manage her mom's terminal cancer growth, and her affection for Will Cooper, her English instructor and neighbor.

At the point when the novel starts, Layken's dad has been dead for quite some time, having passed on from a coronary episode.

Julia, Layken's mom, and Kel, Layken's more youthful sibling, move to Julia's old neighborhood in Michigan since they can never again bear to live in Texas, thus Julia can take a better work.

Kel on the double gets to know Caulder, who lives with his more established sibling, Will, across the road. Will and Layken hit it off right away - simply later to find that Will is Layken's educator.

While Layken pushes ahead with their relationship, Will attempts to hold it off. He is 21, and moving on from school early.

His parents were killed a couple of years before in a car crash, and Will has been taking care of his sibling since. He has a ton to lose.

Meanwhile, Will shows Layken life, as does Layken's mom - who is really passing on from cancer growth, having moved to Michigan to be close to a subject matter expert.


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Will likewise shows Layken verse, and about how poem can be helpful and significant. Ultimately, Layken's mom advises her to pursue Will, and to think with her heart rather than her head.

Layken does as such. At the point when the original closures, she and Will have been dating for over a year, and Layken's mom has passed on.

Ending -

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Be that as it may, her mom leaves a note for herself as well as her sibling, advising them to continue to live, and marking it with her affection.

Book Review-

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 Overall good book , emotional scenes are perfect  with love, affection and bonding.