Stephenie Meyer Best Books

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Stephenie Meyer is a gifted and well known author who has written science fiction, romance, thrillers, young adult fiction, and more.


5. The Chemist The Chemist is a fast-paced thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end. It has thriller with good plot and suspense.

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This story is of a former government chemist who has fled her employer. She is forced to create a lethal virus that will be used as a weapon against her using her expertise in chemistry.

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4. The Seeker- This novel tells the story of Daryn, a girl in this young adult novel, is chosen to be the Seeker, a person with the ability to locate lost things and people.

As she tries to solve the mystery of her own past and locate a lost heirloom, Daryn finds herself thrust into a perilous world of magic and mystery.


3. The Host- It tells the story of Melanie Stryder, a young woman who is kidnapped by an alien soul named Wanderer and forced to live with him.


The task wanderer that pursuing is to look for what makes Humans special. But in the way she develops an attachment to Melanie and her family, which causes her to have to choose between her duty and her feelings.

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2.. New Moon  - With a supernatural twist, Stephanie Meyer delivers yet another irresistible combination of romance and suspense in New Moon. passionate, gripping, and packed with unexpected turns and reveals

1. Twilight-  Stephenie Meyer is most well-known for her Twilight series, which has enthralled readers all over the world with its compelling romance, action-packed plot, and adored characters.


This book is about a girl Bella, who eventually fall in love with Edward who is vampire but some unwanted problems are in there way, which is addressed in the book. 

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