The 6:20 Man David Baldacci Summary

David Baldacci is an American novelist and bestselling author of some of the world's favourite crime and thriller books.

Previous U.S. Armed force Ranger Travis Devine routinely takes the 6:20 passenger train to a task he despises at Cowl and Comely, the New York firm where he is an investement analyst.

He's one of many "Burners," or understudies, who slave 80 hours per week and something else for low compensation with at least some expectations of not being terminated toward the year's end.

Devine works there to pacify his dad, who had scorned his child's decision to serve his country rather than promptly going out and getting rich like his two more seasoned kin. The morning train passes by the home of Cowl, whom the Burners are making more extravagant and more richer.

Then, at that point, one morning at work, Devine gets a mysterious, untraceable text saying, "She is dead." None of his kindred Burners got it. "She" is Sara Ewes, a partner with whom he had once engaged in sexual relations.

How is it that anyone could be aware? It was a mystery since dating inside the organization was a fireable offense. Evidently, she had draped herself in the structure.

At home, Devine has fascinating flat mates, including a pizza-cherishing, Russia-conceived male PC programmer; a lady who's fabricating a dating site with incredible potential; and one more lady who has as of late moved on from graduate school.

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The Russian falls flat to follow the wellspring of the text for Devine. More individuals bite the dust at the organization, normally cracking everybody out. Devine is a suspect, yet a resigned Army general safeguards him — at a cost.

Devine should assist them with disentangling confidential at the organization, and on the off chance that he declines, they will "send my butt right to USDB" (United States Disciplinary Barracks) for a demonstration he had committed while in the Army

Clues helps, similar to the shade of a swimsuit and puzzling references to Waiting for Godot.apart from this high-stakes intrigue, there's a stellar out there with their own plan, and Devine is the center.

Book review   

Fast paced and interesting story,  full of twists and turns which bound the reader to stick with it till the end.