The Fellowship of the Ring - J. R. R. Tolkien

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John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was an English author and philologist ..The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit were high fantasy works that he wrote.


Bilbo Baggins throws a wonderful birthday party for himself and his nephew, Frodo.Using a magic ring he found many years ago, he vanishes without a trace.


Before he leaves, his friend, the wizard Gandalf, persuades him to take the ring with his nephew.Gandalf calls Frodo to tell him what he has learned about the ring after years have passed without Bilbo returning.

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The ultimate power is given to the user, and Sauron, the god of destruction, is always looking for it.The ring, which dates back many generations and was taken from Sauron, was ultimately lost by the victorious team.

It was discovered by the pitiful Gollum, who gave it to Bilbo.Frodo accepts the responsibility of carrying the ring to an easterly council.He chooses to go with his friend Sam and his nephews Merry and Pippin. The group leaves their homeland and ventures into a perilous forest.They are held captive here by a wild willow tree, but Tom Bombadil, a kind spirit, frees them.

Tom assists them once more when they fall prey to a ghostly being.At Bree, the city, their journey comes to a brief halt.They meet Strider, a friend of Gandalf, in an inn, who will assist them on their way.

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Frodo is inflicted with a terrible wound by Black Riders, Sauron's emissaries, and must be carried.When an elf joins them, they reach a river where all nine black riders stand against them.Frodo is taken across the river on the elf's horse, and the riders are swept away by a flood.

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They show up at Rivendell and hold a chamber on how is to managed the ring.It is decided, after much discussion, that the ring should be destroyed.It must be taken to a mountain in the evil land of Mordor, home of Sauron, in order to accomplish this.Frodo agrees to carry the ring there, and a group is selected to accompany him.

As Sauron's armies gather on one side of the river, they are eventually pushed into rapids.They reach a turning point where they must make an important decision:Frodo is torn by the question, and it is up to him to decide whether they should go straight into Mordor or to Gondor, Boromir's home.


ENDING -  Boromir tries to persuade him otherwise, but when he refuses, he tries to force him to take the ring.Frodo uses it to disappear, and he decides to travel alone to Mordor.The two hobbits set off without the other hobbits after Sam found him first.


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