The Godfather series Ranked

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American journalist, screenwriter, and author Mario Francis Puzo. He is known for his crime books about the Italian-American Mafia and Sicilian Mafia, most remarkably The Back up parent


The most well-known and widely read book in the series is "The Godfather." It tells the story of the powerful Mafia family known as the Corleones in New York City.


The Godfather

Don Vito's life is threatened at the beginning of the story by a rival Mafia boss who wants to get the Corleone family involved in the drug trade.

The Godfather is a gripping book about power, family, loyalty, and how absolute power corrupts people.

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The story of Salvatore "Turi" Guiliano, a real-life Sicilian bandit who fought against the Italian government in the years following World War II, is told in "The Sicilian," a sequel to "The Godfather."

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The Sicilian

The novel is notable for its vivid descriptions of Sicilian culture and history, as well as its exploration of themes of honor, loyalty, and betrayal.

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The book is a continuation of "The Godfather" that happens during the 1950s and 1960s. The book is about the Corleone family's next generation, including Michael's son Anthony and the children of his friends and foes.

The Godfather Returns

The novel features a number of characters from the original book, including Michael, Johnny, Fredo's son, and Tom Hagen. It also explores themes of power, corruption, and family history.


Although it is not as highly regarded as "The Godfather," it is generally regarded as a solid sequel that maintains the spirit of the original book.

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In general, fans of crime fiction and Mafia stories should read "The Godfather" series. Although the first book is regarded as the best, the sequels provide interesting insights into the characters' lives and struggles in the first book.


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