The Godfather Short Summary

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American journalist, screenwriter, and author Mario Francis Puzo. He is known for his crime books about the Italian-American Mafia and Sicilian Mafia, most remarkably The Back up parent


The book recounts the narrative of the Corleone family, a strong Mafia family in New York City, during the 1940s and 1950s. The story centers around the patriarch of the family, Wear Vito Corleone, otherwise called "The Godfather," and his three children: Fredo, Santino (Sonny), and Michael


Don Vito is approached by Virgil Sollozzo, a rival Mafia boss who wants to get the Corleone family involved in the drug trade at the beginning of the book. Don Vito rejects, resulting in a suicide attempt.

The Corleones and their rivals enter a full-blown Mafia war as a result of this, which sets off a chain of events. The different members of the Corleone family face a variety of difficulties throughout the book.

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Michael becomes the family's head after Sonny is killed in the war. Fredo eventually betrays the family after becoming increasingly estranged from them.

In the meantime, Michael falls in love with Apollonia and weds her, but a car bomb meant for him kills her.


The book reaches its climax when Michael, who is now in charge of the Corleone family, plans a series of murders to eliminate his foes and establish his authority.

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Sollozzo, the police captain who was working with him, and the heads of the other major Mafia families in New York were all killed in these homicides.

Michael is the most powerful Mafia boss in the city at the end of the book, but he also lost his wife and a lot of his humanity in the process.

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The Godfather is a gripping and intense book about power, family, loyalty, and how absolute power corrupts people.


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