The Last Olympian - Rick Riordan

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American author Richard Russell Riordan Junior is best known for his work on the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.More than thirty million copies of Riordan's books have been sold in the United States.


The final book in a five-book series about the adventures of Percy Jackson, the half-human son of Poseidon, is The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan.


In order to protect Olympus, which is currently located on the six hundredth floor of the Empire State Building in Manhattan, from the Titan Kronos, Percy Jackson must lead the other half-blood children of the gods.

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Kronos, who has reincarnated as Luke, an old friend of Percy, has pledged vengeance to demolish Olympus one brick at a time.For the past year, he has assembled an army of monsters, demigod children, demons, and a few Titans.

Hades is wallowing in anguish in the underworld, harboring a resentment toward Zeus for the death of the mortal mother of his children.In order to fight Typhon, the remaining Olympian gods leave New York, leaving Olympus virtually defenseless.

Kronos simultaneously attacks Poseidon's undersea fortress and unleashes Typhon, the most terrifying of all monsters, to distract the gods from their positions of power on Olympus.

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Typhon poses the greatest threat, according to the gods, and Kronos would not dare march on Olympus.Percy, on the other hand, has predicted in a dream that Kronos will indeed invade New York.

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Annabeth sustains injuries while fighting Kronos for some time, and Percy is disarmed.Kronos moves in between the two demigods after noticing how Percy is affected by her injury and threatens to kill her if Percy continues.

Similarly as Kronos is crushed, the divine beings walk into the castle at Olympus prepared to do fight, just to find that the children have previously dealt with it.After repairing the damage to their thrones, the gods' council meets to discuss the war's aftermath.


ENDING -  Olympus is given to Annabeth, who wants to be an architect, to redesign in any way she sees fit.One wish is granted to Percy, who led the defenders of Olympus and ultimately saved the gods.He is offered immortality and a place among the gods for all time.


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