The Maid - Nita Prose

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Nita Prose is a long-term proofreader, serving numerous top rated writers and their books. She lives in Toronto, Canada.Her debut novel The Maid #1 NEW YORK TIMES Blockbuster


The Maid, follows the days going before Mr. Dark's passing through Molly's most memorable individual perspective. Molly is a young lady utilized as a maid at The Regime Fabulous lodging.


The primary person depicts her days as reproductions of each other at the beginning of the book. Her repetitive routine is overturned when she finds the dead body of a noticeable lodging visitor in Suite 401.

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Her socially abnormal way of behaving is confounded by the lead analyst, Investigator Distinct, and Molly is pinpointed as the great suspect in Mr. Dark's homicide examination.

As Molly battles to confront the uneasiness of police cross examination, she reviews her existence with Gran. The affectionate recollections of her grandmother act as an adapting instrument to facilitate Molly's tensions and guide her through the difficult examination.

Molly keeps up with that she is blameless in Mr. Dark's passing all through the police addressing and requests Mr. Preston's assistance.

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At the point when Charlotte, Mr. Preston's little girl, volunteers as Molly's safeguard legal counselor, the principal character can get back on bail and fabricate a defense case.

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Molly, Charlotte, Mr. Preston, and Juan Manuel create a plan to embroil Rodney as the genuine killer. Molly persuades Rodney to get back to the crime location under the affectation that she need to guarantee the room is clear of proof that would ensnare him.

After Rodney's capture Molly's name is cleared and she can get back to work. The first individual storyteller trusts in the peruser that she realized who killed Mr. Dark the day she tracked down his body.


ENDING -  Mrs. Dark made sense of her thought processes in Molly, guaranteeing her that she killed her ex to prevent him from causing torment for other ladies. Molly saw a shared characteristic in herself and Mrs. Dark, two ladies unafraid to leave from socially standards to safeguard guiltless lives.


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