The Sandman - Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman; is an English writer of short fiction, books, comic books, realistic books, genuine, sound theater, and movies. His works incorporate the comic book series The Sandman and books Stardust etc.

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The Sandman comic books follow the legendary figure the Sandman, the lord of dreams. The realistic novel Dream Nation incorporates four stories..

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Calliope" recounts the narrative of an essayist named Richard Madoc who, after the distribution of his most memorable novel, has been experiencing an inability to write for a year. Madoc exchanges a probably mystical stone called a bezoar for one of the Greek Dreams, Calliope.

Story -1 Calliope

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Madoc keeps Calliope detained and assaults her, and thus he is motivated, turning into a rich. At last Calliope's old love, Oneiros, who is the Sandman, comes to free her. At the point when Madoc will not free Calliope, the Sandman floods his psyche with thoughts.

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It is told according to the point of view of a kittens. She goes out to the memorial park to see a Siamese cat talk. The Siamese teaches for cats to dream of a reality where cats are prevailing over people.

2. A Dream of a Thousand Cats

She went on a journey to see the Sandman and become familiar with reality with regards to her inferirority, and she had a dream that cats once governed Earth.

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The Sandman commissions William Shakespeare to compose the play A Midsummer Night's Fantasy for the pixie society, who live in another aspect.

3. A Midsummer Night's Dream

Toward the finish of the play, the fairies leave to their home aspect, however Puck stays behind, vanishing into the human world. The players are passed on to contemplate whether the entire experience is just a fantasy.

It is the narrative of Ranie Blackwell, a previous CIA specialist who has been changed by the Egyptian sun god Ra into a metamorph.

4. Façade

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With her psyche, she can maneuver matter and change it toward anything she needs. In any case, her body is currently mutilated and terrible, and she no longer goes out.


Ranie wanted to die, yet she can't on the grounds that she doesn't have the foggiest idea how to die. Demise advises her to talk with Ra, the sun. As Ranie looks at the sun, she goes to powder, at long last set free from life.

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