The Sicilian - Mario Puzo

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American journalist, screenwriter, and author Mario Francis Puzo. He is known for his crime books about the Italian-American Mafia and Sicilian Mafia, most remarkably The Back up parent


The Sicilian, by Mario Puzo, is the thrilling story of Turi Guiliano who is an unbelievable criminal in Sicily. He turned into a scoundrel coincidentally. Having killed a cop who shot him, he escaped to the mountains and turned into a criminal to get by.


He had decides and rules that must be observed. He and his band were legendary and well-liked because they were required to donate half of their profits to the poor.

In the hills where they had played as children, Turi had his cousin Aspanu as his second in command. Turi started out with a fear of the Mafia and decided she would not work with them.

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Don Croce, a powerful man from Maria, recognized him as a potential successor, and Don Croce initially assisted Turi. However, Turi grew to despise the Mafia and was determined to eliminate them in order to assist Sicily's poor.

Turi gradually expands into their territory. During the seven years he spends in the hills, he also becomes more ruthless and violent. The public authority mounts a significant mission against him yet need his assistance in smothering the Socialists and Communists

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Open Hands

Don Croce promises him that if he helps, the government will end its campaign against him and pardon him. Don Croce sets him up for the massacre at Portella della Ginestra after he agrees to assist them. At this point, he and Don Croce are at odds with each other.

Michael Corleone receives instructions from his father, Vito Corleone, to meet with Don Croce and assist Turi Guiliano in escaping to America just as he is getting ready to leave Sicily and return to the United States after a two-year exile. A high-ranking police official is at the luncheon with the Mafia don, and he also says he is trying to help Turi escape.


Michael tried to follow his father's orders, but he is unsure of what is going on, especially when he discovers that Turi and Don Croce are bitter enemies.

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Michael sends Turi's Testament to America after receiving it in the hopes that it will be published in the event of Turi's death. The Christian Democrat government will be overthrown by the Testament and its accompanying documents.


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