Top 5 Sad Romance Books to read

Due to the fact that opinions regarding what constitutes sad romance novel can be extremely diverse, it is challenging to compile a definitive list of the books that have received the least amount of praise throughout history

Dashed Trail

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green follows the piercing excursion of Hazel Grace Lancaster, a youthful cancer patient, and Augustus Waters, an individual survivor, as they explore the intricacies of life, love, and mortality

Dashed Trail

The Fault in Our Stars

Their kinship sprouts into an energetic sentiment notwithstanding their sicknesses. The novel investigates the widespread subjects of affection, pain, and the human involvement with the essence of affliction, while additionally facing the philosophical idea of presence’s fleetingness.

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“Me Before You” follows the tale of Louisa Clark, an eccentric and bright young lady who turns into a parental figure for Will Traynor, a once-dynamic man presently incapacitated because of a mishap

Me Before You

One Day” is a novel by David Nicholls that follows the perplexing connection among Emma and Dexter, crossing north of twenty years.

Dashed Trail

One Day

The story yearly returns to their lives on July fifteenth, uncovering their own and proficient battles, triumphs, and disappointments.

In the event that I Stay” follows Mia, a skilled cellist, as she explores extraordinary choices after an auto crash leaves her in a trance like state. While in a state among life and passing, Mia considers her past, connections, and dreams.

If I Stay

The story digs into subjects of affection, misfortune, and the influence of decision, as Mia should pick either existence with her leftover family and a future without them

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“Eleanor and Park” is a youthful grown-up novel by Rainbow Rowell. Set during the 1980s, it follows the improbable romantic tale of two rebel young people, Eleanor and Park.

Eleanor & Park

Terrain Map

Eleanor, with her unusual appearance and grieved day to day life, turns into an untouchable at school. Park, a half-Korean kid, is independent and into comics and music.