Twilight books Ranked

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Stephenie Meyer is an author and film producer from the United States. Her work on the vampire romance series Twilight is her most well-known work.


Stephenie Meyer is the author of the young adult fantasy series Twilight. There are four books in the series: Breaking Dawn, Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse


1. Twilight-  The first book in the series, "Twilight," introduces the main characters, including Bella Swan, an adolescent girl who moves to Forks, Washington.

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where she meets Edward Cullen, a mysterious and attractive vampire. The two fall in love, but the fact that Edward is a vampire and Bella is a human affects their relationship.

2. New Moon - Edward lefts Bella and she went into depression until she meets her old friend Jacob Black, who is a warewolf.

In the mean time, when Edward returns Bella becomes confused to choose one of them because werewolves and Vampire are old enemy.

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3. Eclipse- In Eclipse , Bella is trapped between the war of werewolves and Vampires and now she to choose which side she wants to go.

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4. Breaking Dawn- It is the series' final book, and it follows Bella as she weds Edward and becomes pregnant with his child.

Bella's health suffers as a result of the pregnancy, and the baby is born prematurely, revealing that it is a hybrid of humans and vampires.


The book as well as the book series concludes with the birth of child and resolution of the conflict between werewolves and vampires.


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