Verity Colleen Hoover Summary

The original opens in New York City. Lowen Ashleigh is a lady in her mid thirties living in New York City. She is a writer, however she has had restricted achievement. Additionally, for the last year, she has needed to invest a large portion of her energy dealing with her mom, who was determined to have terminal disease.

Her mother recently died.  One day, a man named Jeremy Crawford sets up a meeting with Lowen through Lowen’s literary agent.  Jeremy is married to Verity Crawford, a famous thriller novelist.

Verity was as of late in a fender bender and experienced extreme wounds. Jeremy believes that Lowen should assist with composing the excess books in Verity's famous spine chiller series

Lowen goes to the house in Vermont where Jeremy and Verity reside with their five-year-old child, Crew. Jeremy uncovers to Lowen that Verity has been mental since the fender bender. Jeremy and recruited nurture deal with Verity.

Lowen glances through Verity's office records, looking for frameworks of the excess books in the series. In one record, Lowen finds a composition called So Be It, which has all the earmarks of being confidential, unpublished journal composed by Verity. Lowen can't avoid understanding it.

Lowen peruses So Be It each section in turn, over the range of a few days. Lowen finds that every section ends up being progressively upsetting. In the collection of memoirs, Verity composes that she was upset when she became pregnant with twins, as it became obvious that Jeremy's affection for the unborn kids outperformed his adoration for Verity.

Among work and perusing the journal, Lowen invests energy with Jeremy in his home, and both of them before long start to foster a heartfelt connection.However, they are ultimately unfit to oppose, and their relationship becomes both profound and sexual.

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In the mean time, Lowen turns out to be progressively uncomfortable in the house, as she thinks that Verity is faking her mental state. At some point, Lowen even appears to witness Verity remaining at the highest point of the steps, watching Lowen and Jeremy.

Verity became persuaded that Harper had coercively fed Chastin to kill her. As vengeance, Verity then killed Harper by suffocating her in a close by lake. Verity made the suffocating seem to be a mishap, however Jeremy later started to potentially think that Verity had killed Harper intentionally.

Jeremy and Lowen kill Verity, and they make her passing seem to be a mishap. Lowen then, at that point, finds a transcribed letter left by Verity. In the letter, that's what verity composes In the letter, Verity writes that So Be It was merely a writing exercise designed to help her practice writing villain characters


In the script verity was tried to be murdered by Jeremy is written. Verity survived, but she decided to fake a catatonic state until she could figure out what to do. Lowen destroys the letter, as she realizes it is now impossible to determine whether the letter is the true account of events, or whether So Be It is the actual true account.