We Were Liars - E. Lockhart

E. Lockhart, is an American novelist of young adult books, and grown-up fiction. She is known best for the Ruby Oliver quartlet and We Were Liars.

The novel addresses the topics of realism, youthful love and prejudice. The story subtleties the existence of a family as they battle to manage a misfortune to which they have all contributed.

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Throughout the late spring excursion of her fifteenth year on her family's confidential island, Cadence has a mishap which makes her experience crippling migraines and amnesia.

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She sees herself as harmed and accepts she no longer fits with her ideal family. To exacerbate the situation, her mom and others won't tell her the subtleties of her mishap.

Almost two years after her mishap, she actually hasn't seen from the gathering of nearest cousins and her beau — a group known as The Liars — who were her steady friends while on the island.

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Throughout the late spring of her seventeenth year,Cadence commits herself to learning reality with regards to what truly befell her.

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As she invests time in the island, Cadence starts to recall the rising erosion between her mom, the aunties, and her granddad as they battle about the belongings that once had a place with her grandma.

Her granddad attempts to control his kids through the commitment of houses and gems. At the point when they don't follow his desires, he conveys intimidations to abandon his three little girls, sets one in opposition to the next, and makes guarantees he can't satisfy.

Cadence at long last recollects that one night that the ladies chose they'd had enough. Everybody except The Liars leaves the island. Expecting to dispose of the reason for the grown-ups' contentions and make them see there is something else to life besides assets, The Liars choose to burn down island house in which their grandparents resided.

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Tragically, the fire gets rapidly and Cadence cousins and sweetheart can't escape from the house. Adding to the shock of the closure, Cadence had accepted that her cousins and sweetheart joined her on the island during her seventeenth summer.


At the point when she learns they kicked the bucket in the fire, she understands she can see them simply because they have gotten back from the dead to assist her with recapturing her memory of the appalling occasions of their last summer together.

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