Wonder  by R. J. Palacio

August or "Auggie" Pullman, a ten-year-old kid living in New York City, was brought into the world with a facial distortion that has made it hard for him to make companions

He has been self-taught right up to the 5th grade, yet his folks possess concluded that it is energy for him to go to a genuine school. They enlist him in Beecher Prep, a local non-public school

He becomes companions with Jack, and with a young lady named Summer who sits with him at lunch right from the start. Obviously, talk that contacting Auggie will give you the "plague" emerges, so his cohorts try trying not to contact him, so Auggie starts to feel distanced.

The story changes point of view to Via, Auggie's more established sister, who starts secondary school while Auggie begins center school.A fracture keeps on developing among Via and her previous companions, and Via subsides into new gathering. On Halloween, Via is confounded when Auggie gets back home early, professing to be debilitated and declining to go house to house asking for candy.

He uncovers to her what occurred with Jack, and she persuades him that a few children will continuously be mean. Auggie, as indicated by her, should move past such situations and continue onward to school.

Since Auggie is distraught at Jack, Summer turns into his closest companion, and their two families hit it off too. Summer battles about whether to continue to spend time with Auggie or to spend time with the well known swarm all things considered, at the end of the day picks Auggie.

The following segment is told according to Jack's viewpoint, and he backtracks to when Mr. Tushman previously requested that he attempt to be a companion to the new understudy. He truly needs to be Auggie's companion, yet he became involved with an endeavor to be acknowledged by kids like Julian.

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When Julian tells him one day that being friends with Auggie is not worth it, Jack gets so angry that he punches Julian in the face.  This conflict sets off a series of apology letters involving Jack, Mr. Tushman, and Julian, and Jack and Auggie eventually make up and become friends again.

The circumstance has gotten better at school as understudies become burnt out on the "battle" among Julian and Jack. The Pullman family gets in a battle one day when Auggie understands that Via has been concealing her contribution in the school play from him.

By the last phases of the novel, nearly everybody has finally gotten used to him and needs to be his companion.Things start looking up.


Graduation arrives; Auggie wins a special award for courage and kindness. The novel ends with his mother whispering in his ear, calling him a "wonder.