Wrath of the Triple Goddess - Percy Jackson Series

This book is the seventh book in the series " Percy Jackson and the Olympians". 

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Rick Riordan is the New York Times bestselling author of numerous books, one of them is the Percy Jackson series.

This book is the after book of " The Chalice of the Gods", which was released last year.


The Expected Date of Release :  September 2024

Percy Jackson, presently a secondary school senior, needs three proposal letters from the Greek mythological gods to get into New Rome College.

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He acquired his initial one by recovering Ganymede's vessel. 

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Presently the goddess Hecate has offered Percy another "opportunity" — he should simply pet sit her mastiff, Hecuba, and her polecat, Hurricane, over Halloween week while she is away.

Percy, Annabeth, and Grover subside into Hecate's apparently unending house and begin getting to know the fastidious, startling creatures.


While Percy and Annabeth are out at school, Grover can't avoid drinking a strawberry-seasoned elixir in the research center.

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 It transforms him into a monster furious goat, and after he frenzies through the house, harming everything in sight, and drops, Hecuba and Hurricane escape. 


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