Best Shravya Bhinder Books to Read in 2022

Hello everyone, today we will see the best Shravya Bhinder Books to read, Shravya Bhinder Novels and also you can read their summary, review and story in Hindi. If you like to read such romantic book writer then you can try The girl next door story and summary.

List of Books by Shravya Bhinder :-

  • Something I Never Told You
  • To You, With Love
  • Something I’m Waiting to Tell You

About the Author:-

Shravya Bhinder is today India’s one of the best-selling authors. Shravya Bhinder ,Formerly a corporate employee, is a popular Indian romance writer. Her books became so famous that her first book sold more than 1 Lakh copies in the first year itself.

Shravya bhinder books ‘Something I Never Told You’ and ‘To You With Love’, and now her new novel “something i’m waiting to tell you” have gained her much popularity and fame, making her fans wait for her next book. Both the romantic novels are perfect ode of love. She can be called an independent author too who self-published on Kindle.

Shravya Bhinder Books :-

Something I Never Told You By Shravya Bhinder

Shravya bhinder books
Something I Never Told You By Shravya Bhinder

It is love story of a normal boy with a girl name Adira, they first meet when Adira comes to live in Raunak’s grandmother’s house as paying guest. It was love at first sight for Raunak but the magic moment for Adira came after years. Special thing about this book is different and sad ending. All stories does not have a happy ending and so is the case for this book.

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To You, With Love By Shravya Bhinder

To you, with love by shravya bhinder
To You, With Love By Shravya Bhinder

Exact from the childhood, Sahil and Ayra have been very different from each other. While Sahil is careless and carefree, ‘the brat’, Ayra is sensitive, reserved, shy and not easy to talk to. And that is probably what attracts Sahil to her. Their story progresses slowly and delicately, and things gradually take on a love-tinged hue.

However, their lives soon begin to unravel and so is the story. Sahil knows why Ayra is so private when the most damning truth about her life is revealed. Just as they overcome that challenge, another cruel blow threatens to tear them apart.

Anyone who want to have a light hearted reading with emotions and understanding can read this book. Also, it is easy to understand because of its lucid and easily understable writing.

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Something I’m Waiting to Tell You By Shravya Bhinder

Something I'm Waiting to Tell You By Shravya Bhinder books
Something I’m Waiting to Tell You By Shravya Bhinder

It is the sequel of the book mentioned above “something i never told you” After almost losing his first love to a horrible mishap, Ronnie acknowledges the amount he adores Adira and what a dolt he had been to harmed her. Likewise, her overprotective mother presently deals with her, and could do without Ronnie being even close to her girl.
He’s going through a lot of hardship incapable to travel once more into the past and fix things, unfit to express out loud whatever he missed telling her, ‘I love you . . .’

All he needs currently is another opportunity, to follow his means back into a caring relationship and prevail upon Adira. It won’t be simple since life is extreme; love, significantly harder.

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Few Quotes from Shravya Bhinder Books

Letting go of her was not easy but winning her back was harder than anything I could have ever imagined

“True love never dies. It sleeps Silently in aching hearts and wakes up on lonely nights.”

“Just because of something which happened in the past, do not stop believing in love, do not stop looking for love, do not stop loving.”

“When I am gone, don’t look for me. A part of me will always be with you; you carry my heart in your heart.”

“Sometimes I wonder if you and I are the same person. We are a little broken, quite messed up and in love with the idea of love.”

“Little did I know that my feelings for you were seeds when I buried them deep in my heart to forget you- they grew into love.”

Shravya Bhinder

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