Throne of Glass Books Ranked – Best Sarah J. Maas Books

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American fantasy author Sarah Janet Maas is best known for her Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses series. She has published books that have been translated into 30+ languages and have sold more than twelve million copies.

Throne of Glass Books Ranked, Best Sarah J. Maas Books
Throne of Glass Books Ranked

Best Throne of Glass Books Ranked:

  • Empire of Storms
  • Heir of Fire
  • Queen of Shadows
  • Crown of Midnight
  • Throne of Glass

Heir of Fire and Queen of Shadows, both excellent in their own right, are considered to be the best books in the series after The Empire of Storms. Throne of Glass is a solid start to the series, and Crown of Midnight is a great addition to the series. The series is an engaging and satisfying read from beginning to end because each book has its own distinct strengths and contributions to the overall narrative.

These are general ranking of books on the basis of several ranking.

Empire of Storms

With its continuous action, intense political maneuvering, and heartbreaking character development, this book is regarded as the series’ one of the best. It seamlessly brings all of the loose ends that have been developing throughout the series together, leaving readers interestingly awaiting the next installment. With epic set pieces and moments of high tension, the final battle between the various factions vying for control of Terrasen is particularly well done. A good part of the book is also Aelin and Rowan’s relationship, which is full of love and hate.

People who possess sorcery end up in conflict with those who do not, friendships are broken and bought, and loyalty is broken and bought.

Aelin Galathynius has just begun the long road to the throne, and war is on the horizon. Friendships have been lost and gained, loyalty has been broken, and those with magic find themselves at odds with those without.

Rating acc. to Goodreads - 4.57

Heir of Fire

As it delves into the characters’ pasts and motives, this book is regarded as a turning point in the series and sets the stage for the epic conflicts that will follow. As readers observe Celaena/Aelin maturing into her role as the true heir of Terrasen, this book’s character development is particularly strong. She gained a deeper understanding of the Fae culture and their powers during her time with them, which was an excellent addition to the narrative. Due to its mixture of love and conflict, Aelin and Dorian’s relationship also plays a significant role in this book.

This novel tells the story of a young woman who is conquering her life but has absolutely no idea where she should go, what she should do, or who she is.

Celaena has triumphed over bloody battles and heartbreaking losses, but not without a terrible price. She must now travel to a new country to face her darkest truth. a truth about her family’s history that could forever alter her present and future. In the meantime, evil and monstrous forces that want to enslave her world are converging on the horizon. Will Celaena be able to fight not only her own inner demons but also the evil that is about to come out?

Rating acc. to Goodreads - 4.46

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Queen of Shadows

Because it brings the action back to Rifthold and focuses on the political maneuverings of the various players, this book is a fan favorite. The story is made richer by the in-depth examination of the characters’ relationships. The book’s highlight is Aelin’s reunion with her former friends, which is full of love and conflict. This book also has a significant impact on Aelin and Chaol’s romantic and antagonistic relationship.

Celaena Sardothien’s loved ones have been taken away from her. However, she has finally returned to the empire in order to exact vengeance, save her once-glorious kingdom, and confront the gloom of her past. You are reading Best Sarah J. Maas Books to read.

Rating acc. to Goodreads - 4.56

Crown of Midnight

As Celaena’s true identity is revealed and the competition’s stakes are raised, this book marks the beginning of the series. The tension between Celaena and Chaol is particularly effective and adds a great deal of suspense to the narrative. Because it provided additional insight into Celaena’s past and motivation, the revelation of her true identity was an excellent addition to the narrative. Due to its mixture of love and conflict, Celaena and Dorian’s relationship also plays a significant role in this book.

When Celaena realizes that she is not the only one seeking justice, it becomes increasingly challenging to maintain the deadly ruse. Her closest relationships suffer as she tries to unravel the mysteries hidden deep within the glass castle. It would appear that no one, not even the Crown Prince Dorian, is above questioning her allegiances; not Chaol, the Guard Captain; not even her best friend Nehemia, a rebellious foreign princess.

Rating acc. to Goodreads - 4.36

Throne of Glass

It is the first book in the series and introduces the characters and the world. It’s a good start to the series, but it doesn’t have as much action or emotion as the later books. Chaol and Celaena’s relationship is particularly well-written and adds a lot of suspense to the narrative. The rivalry between the assassins was also a great addition to the narrative because it provided more information about the world and its political climate.

Celaena, a professional killer, is gathered at the palace in a land devoid of magic and ruled by a ruthless lord. Celaena’s struggle for freedom evolves into a struggle for survival and a desperate attempt to exterminate the evil before it destroys her world. She comes not to kill the ruler but to win her

Rating acc. to Goodreads - 4.19

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