Leather & Lark - Brynne Weaver

Woman Reading

Intro: The story follows Lark, a lady whose involvement in SA has reshaped her character into the lady she is today.

White Line

In particular, that she chases down sexual stalkers and ensures they can at absolutely no point ever harmed anybody in the future

You'd never be aware by taking a gander at Lark that such obscurity lives inside her.

And this is the reason her most memorable cooperation with Lachlan goes so awry.

He sees a pretty, daylight, egotistical young lady who doesn't have any worries whatsoever, and he was unable to be all the more off-base.

So when Lachlan finds that Warbler is his sibling's life partner's dearest companion, it's a shock to the framework.

In addition, the dynamic of their relationship will undoubtedly be altered when Lark comes to the realization that she must marry Lachlan in order to safeguard her friends.

Open Hands

It becomes impossible to tell a fake marriage from a real one as Lachlan and Lark navigate the dark world that binds them together. Yet, not simply recognizable risks torment them.

But little do they know that another threat is lurking at their doorsteps.

Overall the story is good and been trending in the book world as of now.